Thursday, November 22, 2001

g - bye. scribble, you will always be one of my best friends. from the time i experienced verbal accupuncturem to sharing my dreams about the future; you were there to listen through it all. but.. you know, i was a prick at html. thats the only reason why i'm switching. they have templates! no hard feelings. but as they do on out of the box:

"so long, farewell, to you my friend, goodbye, for now, until we meet again!"

this is me. arquero is the name. darren e arquero, that is. born on october 11` 1988 in houston texas, i've grown to enjoy what any other typical 13 - yr old boy who be interested in. i've got two old sisters, one's 18 and the other is 16, though the 16 - yr old looks much older than the 18 - yr old. sometimes they can be a pain in the ass, other times there just peachy. i now reside in good ol' sugarland, tx. 281 and a 7th grade student at slms - go trojans! no not the condom.. and i don't listen to country music, wear a cowboy hat or boots, milk the cows in the morning, or none of that stereotypical BS. and since i'm only 13, it doesn't mean i don't understand what you older peeps talk about. i'm mature! i enjoy reading books where the authors describe a realm of wizardry of witchcraft like harry potter, a series of unfortunate events, chronicles of narnia, etc. i also like to listen to a wide range of diverse musics and beats. from the hardcore punk rock of system of a down, to the swt serene pop sounds of britney spears; you name it, i like! i also take pride in playing video games, staring transfixed at the tv screen, and also chillin' and hanging out with friends. hopefully i've shown you a small portion of who i am and what i've brought up to be.